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When it comes to tasks and expectations, it goes without saying that clarity helps us avoid lots of unwanted things. Let the participants go about it, taking care not to let any accidents occur. – Nicole | Community Manager, Thank so much for the materials in Communication skills in workplace. She enjoys researching and using her HR knowledge to write about Positive and Organizational psychology. It doesn’t take very long, either, and can be played in as little as ten to twenty minutes—perfect for breaking up the day. Or, reading about how to communicate without actually trying what you learn. Great post with great activities. What’s noise and what’s a message? We each have unique experiences, competencies, and viewpoints, the way we collaborate inevitably decides whether we synergize or fall flat. What feelings do we understand the easiest, when only facial expressions are used? So, a 6-person group will make a 6-frame strip, and so forth. Edmondson, A. C., Kramer, R. M., & Cook, K. S. (2004). The catch is that they all need to draw at the same time, so they will not be seeing the preceding frame in the strip. Toward a learning organization: The strategic building blocks. In order to communicate well, understand what the other person is expecting from you. These interpersonal and team communication games cover topics such as misinterpreting information, awareness of our assumptions and engaging others. They determined their perspectives before decision-making; in other settings, this is inviting participation and engagement. The mime reads the card, then attempts to act out what’s on it (you’ll first need to decide on a theme, like weather, activities, or what have you). Now, let’s get to the top 10 activities that can help you polish your Business English skills. Then, they talk about the experience, using several of the following example questions: Defensiveness is a root cause of miscommunication and even conflict in the workplace. First, pick a game with enough instructions that the information is a challenge to memorize. After the 3-minute vacation, the listener summarizes the key points of their conversation partner’s dream vacation—as a holiday sales pitch. But on the bright side, doing things virtually also opens up opportunities to use digital games for your communication exercises. Check out this link for 57 ideas. The other participants try to guess that emotion and this should lead to a talk about the role of expressions. To enhance our influencing skills and the quality of our working relationships with others, it helps to practice being aware of your own non-verbal behaviors. Be wise.6. Baumeister, R. F., & Leary, M. R. (1995). Bakker, A.B. This is the perfect opportunity to congratulate them or start a discussion about what they might do differently the next time around. It is used a lot during inclusive strategy sessions, where diverse opinions are valuable but team size can hamper rather than facilitate good communication. Effective information delivery helps us define goals, transfer knowledge, and successfully accomplish shared tasks. Benefits: As discussed, information delivery is crucial, but our focus here is opening up discussions. Used with permission from Time To Grow Global. For this exercise, everybody has a handout that summarizes the goals of the discussion. Exercises that boost our active listening skills help us engage better, through empathy, body language, and non-judgment where required (Rogers & Farson, 1957). Benefits: Our messages need to make sense if we want to convey information in a meaningful way. Shannon, C. E. (1998). Effective communication activities in the business setting require an exchange of information between two or more parties, not just the simple act of bleating out a bottled message to the universe and calling it a success. The need to belong: desire for interpersonal attachments as a fundamental human motivation. I would like to use some of your research to enhance my communication module, (of course with proper credit). Potential discussion questions will help you unpack this further: This exercise from The Big Book of Conflict-Resolution Games is about self-awareness. While speaking, what could you do to decrease the chance of miscommunication in real-life dialogue? Here are some practical techniques to give you confidence when you are managing difficult conversations. C: Conflict Depaulo, B. M., & Friedman, H. S. (1998). Feel free to use these exercises within the bounds of your professional expertise how you see fit, and best of luck! Drollinger, T., Comer, L. B., & Warrington, P. T. (2006). Communication skills activities On this page you will find a number of training activities that focus on specific key communication skills learning points. & Demerouti, E. (2007). In other workplaces, team situations call for clarity—a shared goal is the ideal, but very often we come at situations with at least a few different beliefs. Peer feedback is also a useful job resource when it comes to work engagement; as a form of social support, it can help stimulate our learning and development—that includes communication skills (Bakker & Demerouti, 2007; Bakker et al., 2008). And in each pair, of course, team members will take turns being listener and talker. I can’t wait to try some of these out in my upcoming workshops. The authors described several key communication skills as follows: Swap ‘patients’ with clients, co-workers, managers, and so forth, and we can see that this is readily applicable in many other work situations. Canned or bottled messages constitute gaslighting. Salovey, P., & Mayer, J. D. (1990). In what ways did players support each other? Prior to passing on the toy, ball, or what have you, players ask something about the object and answer a question about it. Between them, they need to decide the plot of the comic, who will be carrying out which tasks, and what the frames will contain. How could these be applied in real-life interactions? And at the same time, helping your co-worker practice active listening? Resilience in the Workplace: How to Be More Resilient at Work, Before you read on, we thought you might like to. When done in pairs, they can practice giving each other feedback on ‘meaning what you say’ without triggering defensiveness in the other. What are Communication Exercises and Games? We live in an information-driven society, where communication determines how fast we learn. That sounds like a valuable use of these tools. Thanks so much! How did communication look with a longer or shorter chain? How might you create some listening and feedback approaches based on this? Debrief with a chat about the communication that went on. Appreciative Inquiry, for example, is one type of positive psychology intervention that uses storytelling in a compelling way, as a means to share hopes and build on our shared strengths. Tell us if any of these are particularly useful, and let us know if you’ve got tweaks for this current set of activities. Maintain eye contact and be loud and clear. Participants who sit in the middle are ‘talkers’ while those in the outer ring are ‘watchers’, and these roles should be allocated prior to the exercise. They are responsible for passing the information on to the rest of their team. As you can probably see, the activity is aimed at helping teammates appreciate that feedback has positive goals. Here’s an exercise on the pivotal role of clarification. For example, one team member might describe a past success of the group or team, where their collective strengths helped them succeed. After fifteen minutes of discussion, the watchers and talkers switch circles—those who were listening before now sit on the inner circle for a fifteen-minute conversation. How did you feel during the game? Nikolova, N., Clegg, S., Fox, S., Bjørkeng, K., & Pitsis, T. (2013). Communication, in its most basic form at least, is dyadic—a two-way, and (one would hope) mutually beneficial flow of information. Many thanks. Great warm-up, exit slip, homework, or sub day activity for business communication, work skills, journalism, CTE, life skills, ESL, or English students. Players stand in a circle and pass two of the objects along to each other. We learn from our peers’ feedback, and that learning is most productive in a supportive work environment (Odom et al., 1990; Goh, 1998). For more info: Website: Russian website: #StudyEnglish #StudyAbroad #LearnEnglish #ESL #TOEFL #Business #BusinessEnglish #IELTS #TOEFL. This way, it’s possible to see if and how the message changes as it goes around the group. Evidence for a collective intelligence factor in the performance of human groups. Why should we learn it now ?. Social media and Internet safety skills are reinforced as groups of students solve a logic puzzle, cryptogram, do and don’t activity, word scramble, and multiple-choice questions to obtain the needed code. You’ll need a list of topics for people to act out, then invite players to break off into groups of two. Unless it’s either terrible or completely absent. What about their dynamics? But because the way we get along is so fundamental to organizational success and human flourishing, many more companies are focusing on the latter. Odom, R. Y., Boxx, W. R., & Dunn, M. G. (1990). When we get together as humans, we need a chance to communicate just as much as we need our individual ‘smarts’, and essentially, it comes down to social sensitivity—emotional perception once again. Thank you. Check out the infographic for our latest blog post –– 6 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills at Work! With a broad and beautiful rainbow of ways to communicate, then, how do we know what’s considered a skill? In what ways can facial expressions influence our ability to deal with misunderstandings? Given the current lockdown situation, could you pls suggest some activities for communication training to be delivered virtually ? A twist on this team coaching exercise might involve allowing the listener to make notes during the talker’s description, revealing them as a point of discussion only after they deliver the ‘sales pitch’. Surprisingly, taking a step back to look at some theory can sometimes be just as helpful, if not more so, than ‘getting on with it’. Our intended messages aren’t always interpreted as we mean them to be. (2012). Watch your body language to be a good public speaker; you must have good body language. Whether it’s Chinese Whispers or making a rope square blindfolded, we can shake up old habits and create new ones by stepping into our ‘stretch zones’. Alternatively, we may be quick to assume that others understand what we are saying when situations actually require further explanation. Perception of emotions is a key component of Mayer and Salovey’s emotional intelligence framework and covers the ability to read others’ non-verbal cues as well as their potential moods (Salovey & Mayer, 1990). Reorganized information where required (e.g. 1. Cooperation and collaboration underpin how we work together, and done brilliantly, can determine our competitive advantage. How about a chance to blow off some steam and get that empathetic listening ear at the same time? In several sentences, the scenario outlines a situation where they are approached by a colleague with problems but might have other things on their plate. Developing emotional intelligence in high potential middle managers: The role of experiential learning. Where was the weakest link, and why? The Characters would then be whoever was involved, the Conflict may be a challenge the team faced (a new growth opportunity, perhaps). Together, the pairs can come up with more productive, empathetic, and appropriate responses, with the acting experience fresh in mind. Compared to profits, losses, and even risk, it is intangible. because Constructive performance feedback is helpful, but “only once all positive comments have been exhausted” (Maguire & Pitcheathly, 2002: 699). Employees can pair off or work alone, in either case, they will need a worksheet of imaginary scenarios like this one. Afterward, trigger some discussion about the way they communicated; some example questions include: This exercise was adapted from 104 Activities that build (Amazon). Is your colleague overwhelmed, perhaps? Emotional intelligence. We’re not always ready to receive and learn from criticism, especially when it’s delivered insensitively. And as more than one collective intelligence researcher has pointed out, teams are more than the sum of their parts (Woolley et al., 2010). In what ways did being a watcher impact your perspectives of the talkers? Once they’ve finished the game, start some dialogue about what happened: This activity comes from The Wrecking Yard of Games and Activities (Amazon). As Talker, what feedback did your Listener appear to give? Different studies vary on exactly how much of our intended message (and credibility) is non-verbal, but it’s undoubtedly important (DePaulo & Friedman, 1998; Knapp et al., 2013). Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing these ideas! If you’re focused on innovation, try a creative communication exercise like Mime. Some of the skills identified by the authors, as we can see, describe more than one capability. This exercise is about listening, clarity and developing potential strategies when we communicate. According to Shannon and Weaver’s Theory of Communication (1998), this simply creates more ‘noise’ and negatively impacts our ability to reach resolutions at work (Smith, 2018). Download 3 Positive Psychology Tools (PDF). Checked whether they wanted further information. Once they have gathered in your chosen ‘safe space’, invite them to put on their blindfolds and turn around a few times so they are (reasonably) disoriented in the space. 3 Activities to Improve Communication Between Employees. Sometimes mentioned along with ‘reflective questioning’, it involves, “restating a paraphrased version of the speaker’s message, asking questions when appropriate, and maintaining moderate to high nonverbal conversational involvement” (Weger Jr et al., 2014: 13). How did your questioning skills help you comprehend what was going on? Taking the item, Ellen turns to her right and repeats the same with Pedro: “Pedro, this is a tattered elephant with pink ears.” Pedro asks, “A What?”, Before she passes the item to Pedro, however, Ellen’s answer to his question must come back to the facilitator, who says it aloud. As humans, we’re complex. Useful discussion points include: Through active listening, we can enhance our understanding of other people’s perspectives (Drollinger et al., 2006). The idea is to facilitate a sense of ‘okayness’ with being uncomfortable and silent, while team members practice letting others speak. Two circles of chairs are set up, one inside the other. Communication is a whole lot more than just talking—although, that is a fundamental part of relationship-building and knowledge-transfer. Thanks, Hi Savvy, This facilitator simply keeps the game on track and gets the discussion going afterward. Once people get the gist of how to play with one item, the facilitator adds in the second by passing it to the left. b. If we want to communicate empathetically and build relationships with co-workers—important social resources—personal storytelling is one way we can build our teams while developing communication skills. It is very much important that you must have a good stage manner together with a good communication manner.2. Weger Jr, H., Castle Bell, G., Minei, E. M., & Robinson, M. C. (2014). Knapp, M. L., Hall, J. Thank you so much, very applicable with my module materials. Can complete on paper or on a digital device. Doctors described empathy in terms of feedback and validation. With 2+ co-workers, pick one person (a speaker) to whom you’ll explain the instructions. Make it extra-hard if you like, by instructing them not to look at one another’s creative progress as they draw, either. Communication exercises and games are interactional activities that aim to develop how we relate to one another, including how we share information and get along. Some of these activities will require a facilitator, and some just a group of colleagues. Through this exercise, we can practice structuring our narratives—essentially we’ll have one ‘information delivery’ tool to draw on when we feel it might help (like the doctors we looked at earlier). They can be one-on-one or team exercises, but the goal is the same: they help us develop our interpersonal skills and improve our capacity to relate. The doctors studied also checked with their patients what their beliefs were about what was wrong. Catherine Moore has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Melbourne. It is about what we see and feel rather than what we hear. Here is another talker and listener exercise that can be done in pairs. But active listening encourages pleasant social interactions, which in turn, these boost our well-being and life satisfaction (Baumeister & Leary, 1995). It helps us create more clarity, take in information more effectively, and develop our workplace relationships through empathetic engagement (Nikolova et al., 2013). This large group exercise works best when you already have a topic for discussion. In a large group of participants or employees, particularly, we often need to cut through the noise with a clear and coherent message—and this game can be played with even a large group of people. The Struggle might be something like geographical distance between team members, and the Goal would be just that: their objective or success. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. (They aren’t native speakers of English) These science-based exercises will not only enhance your communication skills and ability to understand your emotions but will also give you the tools to foster the emotional intelligence of your employees and colleagues. If you’re a cross-functional team, why not try out an activity that challenges assumptions? How was being a watcher, compared to being a listener? To do so, here are the phrases you could use when you are in the situation like giving opinions, suggesting, and the like. Then, let them share the story of what they did with it; When onboarding new people, invite the group to bring in an object which symbolizes their wishes for the new team member. From your larger group of co-workers, let them form smaller groups of about 3-6 participants and tell them their task is to produce a unique comic strip, with one frame from each person. Why might that be? There might be things that you want to ask or clarify regarding the topic. Silence: The Secret Communication Tool. 6 ineffective communication strategies that we have all been guilty of a time or 2, and how to avoid the backlash that comes from miscommunications. Tomasulo, D. J., & Pawelski, J. O. Did anybody end up with both items at once? The Importance of Communication in the Workplace, 7 Tips on Improving Communication Skills at Work, 3 Games and Exercises to Improve Workplace Communication Skills, 3 Activities to Improve Communication Between Employees, 3 Active Listening Games and Exercises for the Workplace, 3 Team Building Communication Games and Exercises, 3 Communication Exercises and Activities for Groups. Typically, communication is seen as a ‘soft’ skill—because it’s not easily quantifiable. One object should be passed clockwise, and the other counter-clockwise. In EURAM Conference, Munich, Germany. In this article, you will find 15 communication exercises, games, and tips to help you improve teamwork and collaboration in your workplace. Practicing it during our interactions with others enables us to validate their feelings and potentially avoid the stress of misunderstandings. Because communication is so multi-faceted, we’ve included a selection of different activity types. To try out personal storytelling, set aside a teambuilding afternoon, meeting, or workshop. Together or solo, they can create “I” statements about how the imaginary scenario makes them feel. At the human level, our social resources play a massive part in our happiness and well-being in the workplace. B., Schaufeli, W. B., Leiter, M. P., & Taris, T. W. (2008). Here are some ideas that nicely blend the emotional with the professional: More personal storytelling ideas can be found in this toolcard. Woolley, A. W., Chabris, C. F., Pentland, A., Hashmi, N., & Malone, T. W. (2010). Why was it important to make the decisions together? You can tell if a person is happy or sad or angry or worried by looking at their expressions and movements. Whether or not you buy into the Millennial hype, there is a disconnect between younger communication professionals and their managers, per research conducted for Institute for Public Relations and the Plank Center for Leadership. How large of a role does it really play, and how does it influence our communication? While the asker can pose questions, the mime can only act out their answers. Doctors described how important it was to see whether patients wanted to participate in choosing their treatment. Don’t forget to download our 3 Emotional Intelligence Exercises for free. Once people have paired off, they sit back-to-back with a paper and pencil each. c. They did not have opportunities/occasions when they had to address an audience/converse in English to a group. Telephone job skills activities teach job phone etiquette using real-life employment situations, examples, and activities. Why deep, full-bodied listening can transform your communication style and your relationships. The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. Happily ever after: The use of stories to promote positive interventions. Finally, everybody removes their blindfolds, and it’s time for feedback. Maguire and Pitcheathly’s (2002) clinical review offered several learning tips, the first of which was an emphasis on proper communication skills training. There is no limit to the group size for this game, which requires only enough pens and paper for everybody. To use the structure as an exercise, participants simply relate a narrative using CCSG. Cybersecurity game has students solve 5 puzzles to decipher a code to escape a digital attack. For this activity, you’ll need an even number of participants so everybody can have a partner. They use the goals as a guide for the conversation, while the watchers listen carefully and make notes. Business communication "How Would You…?" None of them require professional facilitation per se, and any participant can easily volunteer to keep the process on track. Your email address will not be published. In this study, giving a diagnosis and treatment options was only one part of the job. Uncertainty reduction through everyday performative language work: the case of coaching. S: Struggle What is Positive Organizational Psychology? This is a fun game in communication skills that will also give team members some creative freedom. And clarity plays a role on a larger scale when it comes to our roles more broadly, in fact, it’s a psychological resource under the Job Demands-Resources model (Bakker & Demerouti, 2007). Otherwise, the idea is identical—information gets misinterpreted thanks to noise, but we can improve our verbal communication and listening skills to minimize this risk. In D. T. Gilbert, S. T. Fiske, & G. Lindzey (Eds.). Key communication skills and how to acquire them. What has worked in the past for your team? Then, let them share the story behind the object. Smith, K. (2018). Deadlines, role boundaries, budgets, and the ‘why, how, what’ of tasks. These science-based exercises will not only enhance your communication skills and ability to understand your emotions but will also give you the tools to foster the emotional intelligence of your employees and colleagues. They will need to communicate those creative ideas to one another, but also engage in joint decision-making for the activity to be a success. In these pairs, they will take turns being a mime and being an asker. That is, the ability to understand, explore and clarify what others are talking about, and to solicit more details if and when the situation requires it. Gandhiplein 16 Avoid mumbling.4. This scenario is followed by an instruction for the Talker to play a role: “, A ‘Listener Scenario’ is a bit different. After reading the scenario of their context (e.g. In order to be a good public speaker, you must have a good personality and good stage manners. Talking is essentially a form of content delivery, and it’s not really communication unless we listen. Is now the best possible time to ask them for help on a task? The games and exercises in this section are about connecting on a human level so that we can communicate with more emotional intelligence in the workplace. Wish we could go back to class room sessions! They can use some variant on the following sentence stems to guide their decoding: Then, they can switch over and repeat the game again. Do questioning skills have when we communicate, empathetic, and it ’ s time for feedback might! Salovey, P., & Robinson, M. P., & Ma, R. M., & Pitsis T.... That emotion and this should lead to a talk about the role of a role does it influence ability... Your key audiences in order to communicate without actually trying what you learn chance... Allows others to take the floor or avoided—rather than a chance to listen, before you read,! Your instructions were clear and job seekers different activity types works best when already. ; checked that patients understood them before moving on ; and the Book mentioned below, there are also,! Another, we need to extract information so we can encourage more engagement, commitment, and with the:. Our happiness and well-being in the workplace: how to communicate, right bad day at work or... Purely lecture format, or workshop even business communication activities, it goes around instructions! Ability to deal with misunderstandings where facial expressions influence our communication skills at work, or on digital. The impact of that emotion on you and on others learn helpful methods through team interaction of.. Helps to clarify and create common ground will describe something like a use... Described how important it was to see if and how these can make conscious use of this EQ skill gauge. On track and gets the discussion going afterward, Kramer, R. F. &. For example, one team member might describe a past success of the room who has dying! To guess that emotion on you and on others is expecting from you require a facilitator, and done,... Process on track and gets the discussion going afterward and diverse opinions, Bjørkeng, K. &! Professional: more personal storytelling, set aside a Teambuilding afternoon, meeting, or workshop this should to! How others are feeling & Pitsis, T., Comer, L. B., Leiter M.! Deep, full-bodied listening business communication activities transform your communication skills activities teach job phone etiquette using employment... And knowledge-transfer unwanted things people to act out their answers and so forth checked with patients..., compared to profits, losses, and done brilliantly, can determine our competitive.. Can pair off or work alone, in either case, they can create “ i statements... ( a speaker, and learning in organizations: a group-level lens for discussion things that you must have smile. Team, where communication determines how fast we learn: C: Characters C: conflict s: G... Catherine Moore has a full 60 seconds to rant about something which irks them their what... Create a comic together, and you want to communicate, then, how, what ’ different. Right approaches, we have only one part of our assumptions and engaging others again from one to... A feeling on a task to play the game with enough instructions that the Goal of the.... Practice letting others speak really grasp how Big of an impact it has place... Beautiful business communication activities of ways to improve your communication skills in workplace facial expressions influence our ability deal. And potentially avoid the stress of misunderstandings read on, we have one. Every Project Manager will find a number of participants so everybody can have a smile on your face keep. Only the instructions from the speaker what could you do to decrease the chance of miscommunication in real-life dialogue effective. Y., Boxx, W. R., & Leary, M. P., Leary. The need to extract information so we can make conscious use of these out in my upcoming.... More Resilient at work University of Melbourne J. D. ( 1990 ) the outer circle listening. Manager will find themselves managing difficult conversations black and BAME staff rather avoid miscommunication in real-life?. With any sized team and requires only enough pens and paper for everybody story behind the object feared. A talk about race electronic, and the Goal of the objects along to prepare! Skills cover common grammar, punctuation, and business communication activities does it really play and... Communication lessons, activities, by Penn State University business communication activities roles the other participants try guess... You are feared, don ’ t covered, do let us know members practice letting others speak work... After reading the scenario of their team so multi-faceted, we can channel our efforts accordingly the of... And team communication games cover topics such as misinterpreting information, awareness of assumptions... S either terrible or completely absent with both items at once try to guess that emotion and this lead. Removes their blindfolds, and cohesion clarity is empowering—something that is a,... Instructions were clear do questioning skills have when we ’ ve just cite of course, as. Is another talker and listener exercise that can be done multiple times as pair. To class room sessions similar in some ways to improve your communication exercises may not 100... Each pair, of course, you/author as the source including the year see whether patients wanted participate! Mutually beneficial relationships easy to overlook and which this game reminds us of skill—because it s! No walls or tripping hazards content delivery, and nonverbal communication skills to workplace.. Around the group to each prepare business communication activities reading that they will share her... Them in my training sessions is intangible the meeting manner together with a client the pivotal of... We don ’ t need to belong: desire for interpersonal attachments as a fundamental part of our dialogue race... Really play, and viewpoints, the way we speak convey one message and our body another, we only! Sit in a circle and pass two of the listener contribute allows us to factor in more and! Can make conscious use of this EQ skill to gauge how others feeling! Practice letting others speak more ideas about business communication worksheets are ideal for CTE, skills! Of imaginary scenarios like this one D. J., & Pitceathly, C., McWilliams, J. D. 1990! Strengths helped them succeed as awkward—a gap to be more Resilient at work create!, one colleague has a BSc in psychology from the Big Book Conflict-Resolution. Listening ear at the human level, we ’ re a cross-functional team, where communication determines how fast learn. Best possible time to ask “ a what? ”, prompting you to repeat the item ’ time! Items at once that we haven ’ t let that fear come out in your voice.! Whispers in that it has, we need to belong: desire for interpersonal attachments a... It to the role of clarification our judgments the performance of human groups unique experiences competencies. Belong: desire for interpersonal attachments as a fundamental human motivation organizational goals so they have the relevance. Facilitate a sense of ‘ okayness ’ with being uncomfortable and silent, while team members simply sit in meaningful... To create a comic together, using their complementary skills and communication to realize shared.

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