bhetki bhapa in microwave

Normally this Haldi 2-3 spoon. Lemon juice 2 spoon. Mustard haldi paste 1 cup. Bhetki bhapa in banana leaf Ingredients: microwave recipe . And now to the Ilish Bhaape or Bhapa Ilish aka Steamed Hilsa.The dish I had talked about in my earlier post, the signature Bengali Ilish dish which has to be on all important menus when Ilish is in season. Green chillis paste with mustard = number of peices of fish +5. Salt to taste. Kalonjee 1/2 spoon. Bhetki Hariyali My Ma introduced me ... - In a microwave proof deep container, spray/smear some oil. Steamed fish is a very popular Bengali side dish. - Arrange the grilled / fried fish pieces. - Pour half the quantity of green sauce paste on the fried pearl onions. - Cover with the remaining green sauce paste. Green chilli slit in half-1/2 number of fishes. Coconut powdered / korano turned into paste in water1 cup. - Arranged a layer of the fried pearl Onion and capsicum (keep a small quantity aside) in the cooking container. Put the bowl in microwave oven and microwave high (800watts) for 7 – 8mins; Serve hot with warm rice ; Hot Tips – You can also cook it in an wok, take a little more oil than mentioned here and heat it in a wok. Mustard oil-1 cup. Paturi cut bhetki fillet 1 kg . Hilsa steeped in a pungent mustard sauce steamed to perfection with a liberal dousing of mustard oil is a sensuous experience.

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